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What Can I Use A Custom Lanyard For?

What Can I Use A Custom Lanyard For?

We sometimes have people ask what they would need a custom lanyard for, the answer is many different things. I'm surprised almost daily by the different ways our customers utilize our products. Even after the thousands of lanyards we've made, it's seems like people are always coming up with unique and creative ways to put our custom lanyards to use.

I put together a quick list of some of the most common things our customers use their lanyards for.

Business Advertising And Marketing

The most common (and obvious) use of lanyards are by businesses of every size. It's a great way to give your business an official look, expand your branding and let people know "hey I'm with such and such company". Some companies issue lanyards with their business info printed on them to service professionals and technicians so that when they are making a house call or arriving at a business they are providing service for the customer immediately can tell who they are with. Coupled with an company id this helps ease any apprehension the customer may have about letting a stranger into their home or business.


Another common use is when attending conventions. This is a super simple way to identify your group, business, organization etc. It looks professional and keeps from having to introduce yourself as "Jim From Acme" a thousand times.

Security Badges

Unfortunately in this day and age many workplaces and schools issue all employees and students security badges that must be scanned or shown to enter the premises. A custom lanyard is a great way to keep track of the badge, simply wear it around your neck with the badge attached and it's easy to find when it's time to scan in. Especially when you have your hands full on your way in the door. Not only that it adds a little pizzazz!


This one may surprise you but we print hundreds of lanyards every year for weddings. The bride and groom give them to the bridal party, often with the date of the wedding and the bridal party members name printed on them. Sometimes they include a quote or a custom inscription.


Another popular use is if for sports teams. It helps identify players when travelling to an event, and can be a great moral booster!

Group Travel

This is one use I had never considered when first getting into the custom lanyard business. When larger groups are travelling together, maybe to a destination wedding, as part of a club, or part of a travel package a brightly colored lanyard can be a way to easily keep track of everyone.

To Keep Track Of Keys

Who doesn't hate losing keys! It's so easy to do especially with those tiny keychains that seem made to be misplaced. The solution? Clip that key ring to your personalized lanyard, problem solved.

For Your Kids

This is related to the use above. Many parents have us print them a lanyard with their child's name on it and give it to their child attach to a copy of the house key. This way if the keys somehow get lost (which they often seem to do) while at school on the bus or the playground they can easily be returned to the child.

As A Fashion Statement

We have many customers ask us to print their name, a quote, a song lyric, a saying, slang terms, movie quotes, etc. on their lanyard just to say a little something about themselves. A cool and simple way to make a statement.

Gamer And Social Media Screen Names

This is another use I would have never thought of but is very common.

For Your Pets

I'm not really sure how they are put to use, but we print a ton of lanyards with pet names and sometimes the type of dog.

Declarations Of Love

Last and not least are the lanyards we print with declarations of love. Everything from "I Love You Dad" to "Tommy Loves Jenny" or the very popular "Jenny And Tommy Established 10/22/16". I have to admit some of these can be touching.

So there you have it, many of our most popular uses for a custom lanyard. If you have any ideas for a unique use please let us know.