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Single Custom Lanyard

Single Custom Lanyard

Only Need A Single Custom Lanyard?

We've noticed over the last few months how many people are searching for a single custom lanyard to order. There seems to be the perception that the only way to order a personalized lanyard is being forced to order 50 or a hundred at a time. Well here at Fast Custom Lanyards that couldn't be further from the truth.

We don't force you to order huge quantities or charge a set up fee to order 1 personalized lanyard. We also don't charge you even more fees to ship out your order in less than a week. We guarantee to ship out your order in one business day!

The custom of requiring large bulk purchases is what gives the industry a bad name. Which is why we designed a proprietary system that allows us to produce high quality lanyards fast, inexpensively and without having to order more than you need.

You only need one? Awesome we can do that for you! You need ten? Sweet we can do that for you too! Our goal is to offer you exactly the number of specially made lanyards that you need, no more and no less, at a fair price and with lightening fast turn around times.

Gone are the days of price gouging, up selling, hidden fees and every trick the specialty printing industry likes to use to separate you from your money. We just want happy customers who love their custom made lanyards!

So if you are searching for a place that will make you a single tailor-made lanyard, you've come to the right spot!