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Marketing Lanyards

Marketing Lanyards

Put Lanyards in Your Marketing Toolkit

Marketing Lanyards are one of the most underappreciated and underutilized marketing tools available. It's an item that is easily customized to fit your needs and a very cost effective way to get your message out there. Lanyards aren’t just the boring cords and straps you remember from high school… You know… the things they made faculty, administrators, and visitors wear around their necks to easily identify who they were. No, lanyards are a highly underused and multi-purpose marketing tool you should be taking advantage of if you’re trying to promote an event, cause, show, or anything else.

Lanyards can be used every time you’re promoting an event. They can be used in any situation where potential customers are interacting with anyone that represents your company, product or organization. Marketing lanyards instantly turn all of your employees or members into walking advertisements. They can also act as a conversation starter and a great way to break the ice, especially your marketing message is integrated into the lanyard design.

Lanyards aren’t as popular as billboards or social media, but that doesn't mean they are any less effective. They may seem insignificant but they do pack quite a punch for their size and the cost per view is significantly less than almost any other form of advertising. Plus you purchase them once and they provide you with essentially free advertising for years. 

Lanyards are a very cheap and easy way to get your message out into the real world. Organization members or employees wearing them in public spreads your brand message anywhere they go. Just have them wear lanyards anytime they are interacting with people. It’s a really great way to get your message in front of a lot of people for a very low price.

Many marketers and business owners don’t use them because they associate lanyards with boring functions like displaying ID cards and holding credentials. They don't consider the fact that a promotional lanyard can be customized to pack quite a visual punch, drawing attention and getting a conversation started.


Here are just a few ways that lanyards are awesome for marketing. Keep in mind that these are just a few reasons why they work so well.

Positioning: Lanyards are excellent because they’re positioned at eye level. They’re hard to miss if you’re talking to someone and your marketing message is right there drawing their attention. The only thing you need to do is wear it and be friendly! It doesn't get much easier than that.

Messaging: The great thing about lanyards is that you can display your logo and message for everyone to see. Everyone you talk to or that looks at you instantly see's that catchy slogan you worked so hard on.

Flexibility: Lanyards can be used for so many things. They can be given out as free promotional items at conventions or trade shows. You can give them to your customers or employees, everyone loves a free lanyard! They can be used to attach your business cards, keys, whistle, pens, glasses, cell phone or virtually and other item, making them not only a great form of advertising but also extremely handy! 

Subtlety: Lanyards are also subtle. They’re not big and garish like a billboard or online banner ad. They don’t flash and animate. They don’t speak directly and loudly to you like a radio message. They’re a cheap, easy, non-intrusive way of getting your message across.

Marketing Lanyards are so much more than the tethering devices you’re used to seeing in school, corporate, and government settings. They have this reputation of being boring because they’re mostly used to hold and display ID badges, nametags, and credentials. But, smart marketers can use them for so much more. You can use them as custom promotional products. Just print your organization’s name, logo, and slogan on the lanyard and you’re all set.

Here are a few more reasons why lanyards are amazing marketing tools:

They Are Functional: Whether you’re working in a government job or in the private sector, you need lanyards for something. Most people in an organization need to carry essential items like ID badges, flash drives, keys, and more. You can also buy lanyards made from stronger materials, for carrying items like water bottles and mobile phones. Lanyards are appealing to both adults and children.

Much Cheaper Than Other Promotional Items: A lot of small businesses (and big ones too) use caps and t-shirts as promotional tools. But are you really getting your money’s worth? Most people wont wear a hat or shirt if they’re not super-excited about the brand or message printed on them. Plus they may only occasionally wear a t-shirt but most people attach their keys and/or ID badges to them making it something they use on a daily basis. Shirts and hats don't last long and can be expensive to have made. Lanyards last for years and when purchased in bulk can be surprisingly inexpensive.


What Types of Lanyards Should You Be Considering?

There are literally thousands of lanyard styles to choose from. Just run a quick search on Google Shopping or any office supply site and you’ll be inundated with choices and options. These are the most common and useful types of lanyards.  

Woven Lanyard: In this style the slogan or company logo is woven right into the lanyard material. Weaving is a good option for simple logos that are easy to integrate into a lanyard. While they look great and can be made in an almost infinite array of colors and designs they are more expensive to make so your cost per piece is going to be significantly higher.

Printed Lanyard: Here you have your companies logo and/or messaging printed on the lanyard. Custom printed lanyards are very popular. These are ideal for logos that are too complex to easily weave them onto your lanyard. The cost per piece is inexpensive and there are many different design and color options available. They can also be made in small batches so you can order as few or as many as you need.

Break Away Lanyard: This is essentially the same as the printed lanyard mentioned above but a special tab is added to the lanyard allowing it to break free if the lanyard were to get caught on something. This is a great feature to have if you are in a profession or situation where additional safety is something that needs to be considered.


Things to Think About When Designing Promotional Lanyards

When you’re designing your lanyards, there are a number of factors you need to consider.

Color: The color combinations that you choose are the most important part of the design process. You want to grab attention but you also need to match the colors with the type of business or organization you have. Sell insurance? We would recommend something more professional like a blue or black. Are you in the extreme sports niche? By all means bright orange or green may be exactly what you need!  Also make sure that the font color complements the base color nicely. You want it to look attractive and interesting at a distance.

Material: What material you choose depends on what you’ll be carrying in your lanyard. If it’s just plastic ID cards, then you can use any standard lanyard material. If you’ll be carrying heavier objects maybe a leather or heavy duty woven lanyard may be a better choice..

Attachments: There are a number of attachments you can attach to your lanyards.  Rings, cell phone hoops, connectors, and clips are the most popular attachments.

Kind of Printing: There are several different types of printing you can use for your lanyards. You have a wide range of printing options to choose from: screen printing, hot stamping, embossed, dye-sublimation, and laser engraving.  They are all excellent choices and it really comes down to the type of material being used to make the lanyard. This is usually something the lanyard manufacturer has perfected over the years and will use the best process for the application.


Marketing Lanyards are inexpensive but highly functional marketing tools that many organizations don't consider when it comes to their marketing needs. Don’t miss out on this great way to get your brand and message out there in the world! This is such a quick and easy way to upgrade your look and professionalism. Lanyards can look smart, appealing, and attractive. We use high-quality, durable material so your lanyards will give you years of service. We love what we do and know you feel the same way about your business. We look forward to working with you to develop a lanyard that fits all of your needs! Feel free to contact us today to get started.