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Lanyard For Keys

Lanyard For Keys

Keys...the things that always seem to have a way of disappearing right when you need them most. Like when your running late for work and the last thing you need before you run out the door just happen to be the only thing that will start your car.

Somehow no matter how careful you are with your keys they seem to have a way end up in the most peculiar places. Like in the couch cushion, under your husbands hat on the counter, or maybe in the toilet (if you have children under the age of five you will understand this one)

One sure fire way to keep track of those pesky missing in action keys is by hanging them around your neck on a nice custom lanyard for keys.

Yes I know, we seem to think lanyards can solve almost any problem but in this case lanyards are without a doubt one of the most effective ways to keep track of your keys.

One of our most popular designs are lanyards parents have made for their children to help them keep track of their house keys so they don't get locked out  after school. Oftentimes they will have their child's name and phone number or classroom number printed on the lanyard so if they lose it at school they find their way back to there rightful owner.

Another popular choice is vacation property owners who will have lanyards made with their contact info and the house address printed on them. This way the keys are harder to lose and if they have an issue they have the phone number handy to contact the property manager. And if they are out and about and forget the address they can simply look at the lanyard for a reminder.

We also print numerous key lanyards for school districts to help keep track of the keys for their various school buses, vans, cars and even an occasional golf cart. Or to keep track of all the various keys that open doors to buildings on the property,

One of the funnier types of key lanyards we print quite often is something along the lines of "Hands Off Dad's Keys" Or "Mom's Keys Touch At Your Own Risk" which always gets a chuckle out of the crew. I guess this is one way to make sure your keys don't end up in the wrong hands.

And then there are the car enthusiasts that have their type of car or car club name printed on their lanyard. This is a great way to show pride in your vehicle and represent your club.

There really is no end to the witty, creative and sometimes a little rude messages our customers come up with to put on their lanyards for their keys. No matter what message your trying to get across or what information you want included to help keep track of what keys goes where, personalized lanyards are a great way to do it!