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Custom Lanyards for Your Cruise Trip

Custom Lanyards for Your Cruise Trip

Custom Cruise Lanyards

What could be better than drifting on the open sea while sipping cocktails, enjoying nightlife and soaking up the sun aboard a cruise ship? There are so many exciting things to do, places to see and good food to enjoy with your family and friends. It really is the ultimate in relaxation.

To make your vacation even more relaxing, cruise liners provide passengers with sea passes. These passes serve two functions: They are the key to your room, as well as a debit card that you can use to make purchases while on the ship so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash or a driver’s license.

A sea pass is definitely convenient, but where are you going to put it to make sure that you have easy access to it and that it doesn’t get lost? The answer: A custom cruise lanyard around your neck, complete with your name or the name of your travel group imprinted on it.

Here’s a look at some excellent reasons why you should totally invest in a personalized cruise lanyard…

Super convenient

One of the biggest benefits of using a custom lanyard for your sea pass is that it is extremely convenient. You probably aren’t going to want to carry your wallet around in the pocket of your bathing suit or shuffle through your pockets to find your pass. When it’s on a lanyard, your sea pass is easily accessible, which is really convenient.

With you at all times

You don’t have to worry about misplacing your sea pass when it’s on a lanyard. Just put the lanyard around your neck and you will always know where it is! It won’t slip out of your pocket or get left behind on a bar top.

It’s customizable

A lanyard can be customized to your specifications. There are tons of colors and styles available, and you can have your name, a logo or any other information that indicates it is yours displayed on it.

Helps Identify Everyone In Your Group

One of the most common designs for a custom cruise lanyard is to have the persons name on one side of the lanyard and the groups name on the other. For example on the one side it may say "Jane Smith" and on the other "Smith Reunion Cruise 2018". This along with using the same color lanyard and text it's easy to identify everyone in your group.

It's A Great Souvenir  

What better way to remind yourself of how much fun you had on your trip than a fun functional lanyard! When you're using your lanyard to keep track of your keys or ID badge for work you will always have a little bit of your trip with you at all times.

It Can Hold Your Drink

This tip came to us from one of our customers. They attached their lanyards to koozies and used it to keep their drinks cold and near bye at all times. One of the more creative uses for one of our lanyards we've heard yet!

There’s no doubt about it: A custom lanyard is an absolute must for a cruise.