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Buying Lanyards for Schools

Buying Lanyards for Schools

 What is a Lanyard?

 A lanyard is a small item you can wear around your wrist, neck, or shoulder. It’s a strap or cord that can hold important items like keys, badges, or identification cards. It’s an easy way of keeping official credentials exposed at all times. It’s especially useful in schools, where it’s important to be able to identify who the adults are all the time.

Lanyards are typically used to carry and display employee badges, ID cards, and other personal information. However, lanyards can also be used to carry small tools, keys, and other accessories. Lanyards are used to carry tools and credentials at many different kinds of job sites, from hospitals to hotels. Schools are a big buyer of lanyards.

Businesses, organizations, hospitals, prisons, trade fairs, events, and event managers in the entertainment industry commonly purchase lanyards. Lanyards are often made of braided fabric and have a clip fastened at the end. A badge holder with a clear side is attached to the lanyard with the faculty member’s name or ID card in it.

 The Basics of Lanyards for Schools

School lanyards are now almost essential in many schools across the world. They have myriad uses. Everyone from visitors and guests to faculty members and cleanup crew can make use of them. It’s an easy, efficient way to tell who’s authorized to be at the school, why they’re there, and who they are.

School lanyards are wildly popular because of their almost endless uses in keeping day-to-day school administration functional and organized. School visitors can wear guest passes around their necks, teachers can use them to store accessories and keys, and janitorial staff can carry keys and small tools in them. These are just a few examples of how lanyards can be put to use by school staff, cleaning crew, and the visiting public.

School lanyards give staff an easy way to keep organized. It doesn’t matter if it’s a teacher, janitor, or outside technician. Anyone working with or for an educational setting can benefit from using a lanyard. A durable lanyard can last for years and years, and it allows staff and other outside workers to keep track of cards, tools, identification, and keys.

School lanyards don’t have to just be put to utilitarian and functional uses, though. You can get school lanyards emblazoned with your school colors and logo. School lanyards are a great way to instill school spirit and pride.

Lanyards for school security are nothing new. Schools have been buying up lanyards for decades. In fact, many of the most popular ecommerce lanyard stores sell a significant percentage of their lanyards to schools. Security is a first priority for any school today. One easy way a school lanyard can help with school security is by having visitors carry identification cards in open view around their neck.

You can’t put a price tag on safety and security. School lanyards are a cheap and efficient way to enhance school safety and security.

Unique Challenges and Considerations When Buying Lanyards for Schools

It’s sometimes easier to buy lanyards for all the employees at a workplace. All employees get a lanyard, they wear their ID card in it, and they sit at their desk all day. It’s easy.

There are multiple considerations when you’re buying lanyards for schools, though:

Who will wear the lanyards? Students, teachers, administrators, janitorial staff, etc.

Will lanyards be given to everybody who works with or for the school?

Should all students get them or just the older students?

Will lanyards be given to guests and the visiting public when they come to the school?

One of the most critical things you can do before you buy school lanyards is think about what kind of identification program you’ll have.

  • If only the staff will be wearing lanyards with their identification cards, then you can choose whichever lanyards you want. There are hundreds of lanyards to pick from, with various end fittings and features. Because your staff is mostly adults, they’ll be responsible for using the lanyard responsibly and safely.
  • If faculty as well as students will be using the lanyards, then it’s extremely important you choose lanyards with a safety breakaway. You don’t want to be responsible for any choking, snaring, or tangling accidents. Students should only wear lanyards with breakaways.

Determining who will be wearing the lanyards will help you decide which kind to buy.

Branded or Generic Lanyards?

Customized lanyards versus generic lanyards – it’s always a hard decision to make. There’s a bit of a debate surrounding it.

On one side, you have proponents who think it’s silly not to brand a lanyard. Free promotion is not something you want to pass over. The other side sees customization as too expensive and distracting from the functional purpose.

There’s really no right or wrong way of looking at it. Both options are great.

However, whether or not you want branding will go a ways in helping you to determine which lanyard styles are best for you.

For instance, if you want safety breakaway lanyards for your students, and you also want customization, you’ll be more limited in what you can select from.

Custom branding lanyards presents unique opportunities for schools. They can show off school pride and spirit. And, it gives them a chance to sell team- or mascot-themed lanyards at a sporting event or school gift shop.

Using Lanyards to Promote a Great Cause

For a lot of schools, lanyards are more than just a way to carry identification or get free promotion for the school: they’re being used to promote a great cause.

Lanyards, as weird as it sounds, can be a fun way to send a good message to both students and staff.

Sending positive messages to all the students can help create a more inclusive, accepting school culture.

Schools might get customized anti-bullying lanyards, for instance.

Teachers can even wear these lanyards to help get the conversation started about an issue.